Concrete-to-Fibreglass Pool Conversion: The Best way to Restore a Degraded Concrete Pool

You are finally tired of spending lots of money on your cracked, leaking, and algae-stained concrete pool and it's time to bid it a goodbye. There are many options to fix it with a new liner, tiles, harsh-to-the-skin finishes, you could also get a new concrete pool altogether or maybe consider fibreglass. This blog shows you a quick, affordable and skin-friendly option; concrete-to-fibreglass conversion. But the fact is, both fibreglass and concrete pools have their own fair share of pros and cons. Getting a new concrete pool o completely replacing your current one with a fibreglass pool won’t eliminate the problems these pools might incur. One way to combine the strengths of concrete and flexibility of fibreglass pools while annihilating their issues is to get a pool conversion. Concrete-Fibreglass Pool Conversion is by far the best option when your existing concrete pool is in bad condition and is in a desperate need of renovation. Fibreglass shell laminates over the existing surface of your concrete pool. Two coats of Vinyl Ester Resin is used to add flexibility and to waterproof seal your once-cracked-pool completely. The fibreglass mat layer is then added to increase the pool’s structural strength, prevent peeling and cracking again, and make the pool leak proof. Plus, a fibreglass lined concrete pool is durable, stronger, and is less prone to surface degradation. It won’t have osmosis or blisters nor become rough and porous. 99% of the time, fibreglass pool shell requires no replacement, upkeep, or resurfacing for decades, ensuring a minimal maintenance cost.

Pros and Cons of Fibreglass Shell on a Concrete Pool Despite few cons, converting your concrete pool to a fibreglass one has several benefits. Advantages of Fibreglass Shell on Concrete Pool: Reasons Why You Should Consider Converting your Concrete Pool to fibreglass.

High tensile strength

Reef Pools offers fibreglass pool shells that benchmarks industry standards in quality and thickness. High in tensile strength, our fibreglass shells adjust to the concrete surface and flex without cracking, giving you a 10x stronger and flexible pool than a normal fibreglass pool.

More structural stability

A fibreglass shell also provides your pool more flexural strength and stability than a lone concrete pool, adding another 10-15 years to the lifespan of the pool.

Osmosis-free pool

Getting a fibreglass shell to resurface a concrete pool will eliminate black plague and osmosis, and prevents them from coming back. A fibreglass-concrete pool is hence a completely waterproof, leak-proof, and crack-free.

Non-abrasive surface

The fibreglass shell comes with a non-abrasive surface, eliminating the roughness and coarseness of a concrete pool.

Low maintenance

A smoother, degradation-free surface ensures that it requires less maintenance and lower running costs.

Extended warranty

Trusted fibreglass pool contractors in Brisbane like Reef Pools provide a 5-year warranty on completion.

Less chemical usage

Fibreglass pool shells are chemically inert, reducing the chemical usage by 30%.

Fast heating up

Fibreglass pools heat up faster than the concrete pools and retain the heat for longer.

Disadvantages of Fibreglass-Concrete Pool Conversion: Reasons Why You Should Consider Other Options To Renovate your Concrete Pool.

Post conversion issues:

> Colour deterioration

> Ageing, elevated temperature and poor maintenance may lead to patching and colour deterioration.

> Damage from chemical usage

> Excessive chlorine usage can damage the fibreglass shell topcoat, leading to discolouration and chalking.


> If repairs ever required, the colour finish might not match that of repair patching. However, this issue can be solved by getting a fibreglass renovation done to the whole pool.

Reef Pools’ Process of Converting a Concrete Pool​

Reef Pools’ employ turn-key concrete-fibreglass pool conversion solutions that combine the advantages of both the worlds, fully eradicates the concrete pool decays, and transform your pool into a 10x stronger and flexible one-piece concrete-fibreglass pool. Our pool conversion service takes up to 14 days for completion and includes the following steps that are followed in the same manner to provide you a holistic pool conversion experience.

#1. Thorough Pool Inspection

Reef Pools’ concrete-fibreglass pool conversion process starts by draining the pool for a thorough pool inspection and assessment for all types of degradations.

#2. Removal of Liner

Fibreglass pool shell has a smooth surface which is non-abrasive and attractive. It doesn’t require liners to cover it. So we remove liners (if any) from your concrete pool.

#3. Crack Filling and Fixing

We fill and fix all the existing cracks and gaps on the concrete surface to seal the walls before applying the vinyl ester resin and fibreglass coat.

#4. Applying a Layer of Vinyl Ester Resin​

We apply a coat of vinyl ester resin of approximately 100 to 120 mils thickness to make the concrete-fibreglass pool flexible, fully-crack proof, and waterproof.

#5. Lamination with Fibreglass Mats

A layer of 300gsm of fibreglass mats is added to the vinyl ester resin layer to add to the pool’s structural strength and to make it resistant to water leaks.

#6. Applying a Final Layer of Vinyl Ester Resin​

We apply a final layer of vinyl ester resin of approximately 100 to 120 mils thickness to make the concrete-fibreglass pool flexible, fully-crack proof, and waterproof.

#7. Finishing with two Final Top Gel Coats

A final filler coat and a top gel coat of your colour choice are applied.

Get your Concrete-Fibreglass Pool Conversion Done by Reef Pools Today! Reef Pools are the best pool conversion contractors Brisbane has to offer. Along with a hassle-free conversion process, we provide you flexible payment options starting from $70 per week for 18 months (require a deposit and eligibility requirements).

To find out more about our pool conversion services and get your custom quote, get in touch with us on 0432150013 or drop us an email at

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