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Reef Pools - Pool conversions
Reef Pools - Pool conversions
Reef Pools - Pool conversions
Reef Pools - Pool conversions
Reef Pools - Pool conversions
Reef Pools - Pool conversions


Reef Pools is Queensland’s one of the most dominant swimming pool builders who strive to deliver finest results with our pool renovations, resurfacing, and pool conversion services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, SEQ, and Northern NSW.


If you have a degenerating old concrete pool and wish to replace it with a more maintenance-friendly fibreglass pool without emptying your pockets, pool conversion is the best option. Reef Pools are the best pool conversion contractors Brisbane has to offer. Our unique, cutting-edge pool conversion solutions will transform your concrete pool to a fibreglass pool in the most hassle free manner.


100% Results with Industry Best Pool Resurfacing Quotes and Warranty

Our pool conversion service takes up to 14 days for completion with flexible payment option starting from $80 per week for 18 months (require a deposit and eligibility requirements).


Our holistic conversion service will give you:

  1. A completely osmosis resistant pool

  2. A more sound and flexible pool than a normal fibreglass pool

  3. Waterproof, leak-proof, and crack-free pool

  4. Less maintenance and lower running costs

  5. A liner-free pool with built-in seats and steps

  6. A 5-year warranty on completion


Aside from unbeatable pool conversion, we also provide our clients with payment option starting at $70 per week for 18 months (require a deposit and eligibility requirements) along with a 5-year warranty on all our products and services upon completion.

REEF POOLS - Concrete Pool Conversion to Fibreglass Process

Step 1: Thorough Pool Inspection

Our pool conversion process starts with a full pool inspection. Your pool is drained and assessed for all types of degradations.

Step 2: Removal of Liner

As concrete pools have inbuilt tiles or other finishes, we remove the existing liners and assess other materials from your pool.

Step 3: Crack Filling and Fixing

As aged concrete pools develop more cracks that fibreglass pools, we fill and fix all the crack to seal the walls before applying the vinyl ester resin and fibreglass coat.

Step 4: Apply a Layer of Vinyl Ester Resin​

We refill all gaps and apply one vinyl ester resin coat of approximately 100 to 120 mils thickness to maintain its flexibility and to make it waterproof.

Step 5: Laminate with Fibreglass Mats

We apply a layer of 300gsm of fibreglass mats to add to your pool’s structural strength and make it resistant to water leaks.

Step 6: Apply primer, base and final Top Gel Coat

A final base coat and a top gel coat of your colour choice are applied.

$80 p/w
over 18 months