REEF POOLS - Pool Resurfacing services, pool renovations, Servicing the whole Queensland


Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
Reef Pools - renovation services
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Got an ageing fibreglass pool with surface cracks and colour deterioration? Want to get a complete pool renovation service with minimum fuss and without over blowing your budget on a new one? Contact Reef Pools.

We are fibreglass experts based in Queensland and specializes in fibreglass pool renovation in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, SEQ, and Northern parts of QLD and NSW. We provide homeowners with a full array of pool repairs including crack correction, sanding, waterproofing, and overall top gel coating.

Our proven pool renovation process is guaranteed to give your pool a new life along with saving you time and money while adding value to your property.

Industry Best Results with Flexible Payment Option & Extended Warranty

Under our pool renovation service, our highly experienced pool renovators will:

  1. Remove all the traces of top coat deterioration

  2. Complete crack, leak, and spot removal from your pool

  3. An aesthetically pleasing, fully finished pool within 10 days!

  4. Extended life of your pool with improved structural strength

  5. Easier maintenance and lower running cost

Aside from unbeatable pool renovation, we also provide our clients with payment option starting at $50 per week for 18 months (require a deposit and eligibility requirements) along with a 2-year warranty on all our products and services upon completion.

REEF POOLS - Swimming Pool Renovation Process

Step 1: Complete Pool Inspection and Draining

Before starting with our renovation process, we will empty your pool to give it a thorough inspection to detect the damages.

Step 2: Full sanding

The first step after damage examination is to remove all the deteriorated top coat and tiles (if requested). Once complete sanding is done, we again inspect the pool for inner deterioration. If we find traces of osmosis or other structural decay, we would recommend you to switch from the renovation service to a full resurfacing as the fibreglass is not waterproof anymore and would need resurfacing to prevent it from leaking and blisters.

Step 3: Fixing surface cracks

The following step is to detect and fix even the smallest of the surface cracks and prepare the pool for final top gel coat paint.

Step 4: Final top gel coat

We apply a primer, base coat and finish off with your chosen gel coat colour.

Step 5: Pool curates for 7 days

Pool needs to dry out for 7 days without any contact of water to make sure that paint has curated properly before the client can refill it again.

$50 p/w
over 18 months