Chalking happens when the gel coat of your pool starts oxidizing. Age and excessive chlorination are a few common causing of chalking of a fibreglass pool. Inhaling or consuming top coat flakes is extremely unhealthy and may cause respiratory and stomach-related problems.​

Gel coat deterioration happens when your pool shell incurs pressure that exceeds its ability to flex leading to small spider web-like cracks on the gel-coat and the original colour to fade into white. Even improper manufacturing, shipping and installation can leave behind cracks in your fibreglass pool.



To save your pool from chalking and flaking, we advise you to get a fibreglass resurfacing or renovation done. The only legitimate solution for the above problems associated with fibreglass pools is to get a professional to inspect and assess the issue. If your pool is chalking or powdery as a sign of ageing, immediately contact us to help you with your fibreglass pool resurfacing service to bring your pool back to good health in the most affordable manner.