5 signs that tell your fibreglass pool is ready for resurfacing

Fibreglass swimming pools are increasingly becoming a favourite of homeowners in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. They are affordable, look nice, are easy to install and build, and comparatively require less maintenance.

But alongside all these advantages, fibreglass pools have their own unique set of disadvantages as well. From osmosis to chalking, it is advisable for fibreglass swimming pool owners to detect these issues and get their pool makeover with fibreglass pool resurfacing.

What is fibreglass pool resurfacing?

First things first, it is necessary for you to know what exactly is fibreglass pool resurfacing.

Fibreglass pool resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative to pool replacement. If your pool is going through deterioration, fibreglass renovation experts remove the old top coat and repair the pool by eliminating osmosis, cracks and other issues, and apply a new layer of fibreglass to the pool which makes its smooth, non-permeable and dramatically sturdier than before. In the end, the pool renovators apply a high-quality pliable top gel-coat that makes the pool last for 7-13 years looking great.

5 signs that your fibreglass swimming pool needs a resurfacing

Usually, fibreglass pools that are 15-50 years old require going through resurfacing. With age, these pools start showing fibreglass deterioration signs such as cracks, leaks, osmosis (blisters), and top coat discolouration which can only be eliminated through resurfacing.

Here are a few things you need to know about these issues and their solutions.

Sign #1: Osmosis

The Problem:

Osmosis, popularly known as Fibreglass Cancer or blisters, is one of the worst issues with fibreglass pools.

When contaminated water from the outside of the pool (soil area) filters to inside the fibreglass and penetrates into the top-coat, it shows as blisters or bumps on the pool’s surface. These blisters can vary in size from +3mm to the size of a fist. Once they reach their limit, these blisters will eventually crack, leaving behind small black/brown marks on the pool surface, bringing bacteria and nasty pollution to the water. Due to the high mineral content in these cracks, algae formation takes place which is called black plague.

Once osmosis breaks out in your pool, the water conditions are less than recommended for your family, particularly to your little ones. Plus, it is not easy to get rid of these black spots without having to professionally resurface the pool with fibreglass which may cost between $6,000 and $12,000.

The Solution:

Osmosis is the guest you would never want to take a dip in your pool with, but understanding what you’re up against can help you find the right fix. If you detect black plague in your pool, immediately seek help from professional fibreglass resurfacing pool contractors to bring your pool back to good health in the most affordable manner.

Sign #2: Cracks

The Problem:

Cracks are a reality of all types of materials, especially in fibreglass pools. Most of the times, these hairline cracks are hard to see and don't extend past the gel coating. But a poor quality pool might not endure severe wall cracks which may compromise your pool’s structural stability and cause leaks.

Gel coat deterioration happens when your pool shell incurs pressure that exceeds its ability to flex leading to small spider web-like cracks on the gel-coat and the original colour to fade into white. Even improper manufacturing, shipping and installation can leave behind cracks in your fibreglass pool.

The Solution:

To begin with, find a professional fibreglass pool manufacturer that will give you a warranty on installation or an installer who knows exactly what they are doing.

But if your pool is cracking as a sign of ageing, contact a fibreglass expert in Brisbane or Queensland to resurface your pool.

Sign #3: Colour deterioration

The Problem:

Usually after 10-15 years, age and direct exposure of sun rays result in a colour distorted fibreglass pool. The top coat colour starts fading, leaving behind a white and sometimes flaky pool surface. In extreme cases where the top gel coat is of bad quality, colour distortion may result in gel coat deterioration with the top coat granulating and becoming chalky which is harmful to humans if inhaled or drank.

The Solution:

Proper pool maintenance and regular water treatments can save your pool colour from fading. But if you see things getting out of hands, it is better to get professional help.

Sign #4: Leaks around connections and pipes

The Problem:

Sand backfilling can also lead to problems with plumbing. If the sand fails to fully compact around the pipes, it will exert pressure on the connections with the fibreglass and eventually cause leaks.

The Solution:

Again, a stable backfill and professional resurfacing can protect your pool piping from leaking.

Sign #5: Chalking

The Problem:

Chalking happens when the gel coat of your pool starts oxidizing. Age and excessive chlorination are a few common causing of chalking of a fibreglass pool. Inhaling or consuming top coat flakes is extremely unhealthy and may cause respiratory and stomach-related problems.

The Solution:

To save your pool from chalking and flaking, we advise you to get a fibreglass resurfacing or renovation done.

The only legitimate solution for the above problems associated with fibreglass pools is to get a professional to inspect and assess the issue. But before you contact a resurfacing expert, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Things you need to consider when contracting a fibreglass specialist

​​It is easy to search and find professional contractors for pool renovations in Brisbane. But before contracting with a fibreglass specialist, here is a list of things you should take into consideration.


First and foremost, check whether your pool renovation contractor has ample industry recognition and experience to give your pool a professional resurfacing service that adds to its longevity, looks, and value.


Pricing is the second most important factor that you should consider when contracting with a fibreglass specialist. Always look for a pool renovation company that provides you with a proper contract in writing with receipts and warranty included with ABN and/or ABR in both. Be wary of contractors who only ask for cash payments without providing you bounding documentation as they might be avoiding paying taxes. Reliable contractors like Reef Pools offer secure payment options to renovate your pool starting at $40 per week for 18 months along with all legal contract documentation.

Timeframes for the service

Along with the quote estimates, it is essential to get a time estimates in waiting period and service time frames from your potential fibreglass resurfacing contractor. Reef Pools completes the whole resurfacing task in less than 14 days giving between 100-200 collective hours of attention to your pool.


Reef Pools stands by its values at work and offers you a whopping 5-year warranty on completion of your pool resurfacing.

Get a professional fibreglass pool resurfacing service from Reef Pool today

Don’t let a few deteriorations affect the aesthetics and functioning of your fibreglass swimming pool. Give your pool a professional makeover with Reef Pools’ fibreglass resurfacing services today! Simply call all us now at 0432150013 or email us at pools.reef@gmail.com to get help your pool needs from a service you can trust.

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