How renovating your pool will increase your Queensland’s house value

Reef Pools - Fibreglass resurfacing renovations main photo

With summers getting scorching hotter and days becoming insanely longer, what’s the best way to beat the heat in Australia? Taking a dip of relief in your own swimming pool.

Swimming pools have been a part of the Australian lifestyle for decades. Down Under boasts the world’s highest per capita rate of pool ownership and has approximately 1.2 million household swimming pools.

As per Roy Morgan, Western Australia has the highest number of households with a swimming pool at 18%, but the real Queen of Oz swimming-pool heartland remains Queensland. Queensland pools take more than 17% of the state’s real estate, especially around regional Queensland.

But with the expense of housing rising in all major cities, Brisbane has become the star of Australia’s alfresco real estate industry.

The 2018 Queensland Property Market Report

Queensland real estate market is expected to experience an influx of the fresh wave of interstate migration making splashes. The “always summer”, ease of affordability, laid-back lifestyle, reduced traffic, and world-class beaches have made Queensland the next best thing of the Australian property sector in 2018.

As per QBE Australian Housing Outlook 2017-2020</